Home Made Pet Cusine™
All-Natural Pet Food

You will find NO PRESERVATIVES, NO additives and NO chemicals in our All-Natural Pet Food. Home Made 4 Life is made to order from FRESH, WHOLE, RAW & 100% NATURAL ingredients suitable for human consumption.

It is a homemade diet that offers convenience for the owner and excellent taste for the pet. Pets4Life has made it easy and affordable to feed a good quality food to your pets, the first step to good health and disease prevention.

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News Release
Waterloo entrepreneurs, Paul Quigley and Brent Heard are pleased to announce they have acquired “Pets4Life”

New Dog, Cat, Ferret food gains popularity with pet owners interested in keeping their pets healthy!

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Global Pet
1176 Bank St, Ottawa, On
March Road Pet Food + Grooming
1112 March Road, Kanata, On
A+ Pet Food
2662 Austin Ave., COQUITLAM, BC

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